Legislative Battles

Storage Wars: Protecting & Preserving Public Notice for Florida Consumers (2015-2016)

Following the conclusion of the 2016 Legislative Session, FloridaPolitics said: “Beating back the self-storage industry once again to keep public notice in Florida newspapers, newspaper publishers, supported by Associated Industries of Florida, are in the win column this session.”

Public notice has been under scrutiny for a number of years and faced attacks from many different fronts, most recently from the self-storage industry who was seeking to end the current system of publishing a public notice in a local, trusted newspaper before the seizure of property or an auction occurs.

Bascom Communications & Consulting, LLC (BCC) was engaged to build a coalition and launch a public affairs and advocacy campaign aimed at educating lawmakers and key decision makers on the importance of protecting and preserving public notice on behalf of Florida consumers.

Through a number of avenues, including creating a digital presence with a website and social media channels; developing educational materials, such as vote alerts and one-pagers; and, proactively engaging media, both mainstream and non-traditional, BCC reached the target audience with the message that providing less public notice to consumers before their assets are sold is not the answer.

BCC also assisted the government relations team in framing the message to key decision makers that it would be turning back the clock on meaningful reforms that were made in 2012 to the public notice system, which resulted in Florida being recognized as having one of the most robust systems of public notice in the nation in that it ensures Floridians have access to critical information.

As a result of beating back attempts to harm public notice during the 2015 and 2016 Legislative Sessions, newspaper publishers will be mandated to continue to publish notices in three locations, giving consumers unprecedented access to critical information affecting them.