Increased Visibility


Following a reform-filled Special Session, Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) engaged the communications team of Sarah Bascom and Kristen Bridges to assist with its long-term goal of increasing PCI’s credibility and visibility as it related to the ongoing discussion of Florida’s insurance market. At the onset, the public, opinion writers and lawmakers were all of the mindset that the Special Session had delivered a “fix” to the insurance crisis.

Over the course of two years, the communications team devised and executed a strategic plan that implemented key messaging, economic and market research, statewide polling, editorial board tours, industry and lawmaker roundtables, and aggressive earned media placement that resulted in a turning of the tide. Through this long-term communications effort, and in concert with PCI’s government affairs team, public opinion, media coverage and editorials slowly turned from “no more reform needed” to “the new system will not work for Florida.”

Today, public and media opinion has started to echo the message that a private insurance market is more beneficial to homeowners and taxpayers than a state-run insurer of last resort – PCI’s end goal all along.