Legislative Battles


As a part of the ‘Keep Florida Jobs’ effort headed by the Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) and in coordination with insurance companies across the state, the Bascom Communications & Consulting, LLC (BCC) team was engaged to help fight the elimination of tax credits for Florida employers during the 2013 Legislative Session.

Working in coordination with the business and insurance industries, BCC, along with other public relations professionals involved, created vote alerts, a microsite, emails and calls into lawmakers offices, opinion editorials, coordinated press release drop, and paid media components to deliver a message to the Governor and the Florida Legislature that the proposed 15 percent performance-driven tax credit on insurance companies that allows them to hire good paying jobs has worked since 1987 and has incentivized these employers to hire more Floridians.

Coming down to the wire in the final days of Session, the effort continued to urge opposition to Senate Bill 1832, which was immediately certified to the Florida House, with the notion that removing this tax credit on Florida businesses was bad for Florida and went against the Governor’s recruitment efforts to bring new jobs and companies to Florida. The bill ended up dying on third reading during the last day of the 2013 Legislative Session, which can be attributed to the persistent work done by the government affairs and PR teams.