Increased Visibility


Florida Poly Vision, Inc. (Florida Poly) is a group of more than 100 community and business leaders from all over Polk County and surrounding communities that came together to support the creation of Florida Polytechnic University at the close of the 2012 Legislative Session. As part of its effort to provide a public voice of support for Florida’s new university, Florida Poly engaged the BCC team to assist with branding, visibility, and media outreach and management for the overall effort. From orchestrating the public launch of Florida Poly via a live and virtual press conference to executing the launch of the group’s official website, blog and social media pages, BCC developed and implemented a branding, earned media and public relations campaign to build Florida Poly’s presence across multi-media platforms, and served as communications, image and media management consultants throughout the group’s launch and the months that followed.

BCC worked closely with Florida Poly’s leadership team to craft topline messaging and informative leave-behinds and assessments, and assisted with spokesperson preparation and interview coordination. In addition to earned media planning and execution, BCC conceptualized, designed and placed a series of informative advertisements to increase visibility of Florida Poly’s mission, membership and goals among the local community. BCC also developed and implemented a membership outreach plan to keep Florida Poly members in the know of upcoming group events, media activities and recent developments via regular email blasts.

Through proactive public and media outreach, packaging of relevant information and continuous blogging, Florida Poly was able to position itself as a resource to members of the community, the media, and key decision makers, including the Florida Board of Governors, while the official infrastructure for Florida Polytechnic was put in place.