Legislative Battles


After a historically destructive 2004 Hurricane Season the Florida Manufactured Housing Association (FMHA), facing harsh criticism of its manufactured homes, hired Sarah Bascom for crisis communications and legislative communications support. With the implementation of a proactive, and sometimes, reactive media management and outreach plan targeting local, state and national media, Bascom worked to educate the media and battle back years of misinformation.

From educating the media, one-on-one, to monitoring all state and national media coverage dealing with manufactured housing and subsequent hurricanes, Bascom helped to minimize the negative press surrounding manufactured homes that were built after 1994. Within hours of the early-morning tornadoes that struck Lady Lake Florida in February 2007, Bascom had scheduled the FMHA executive director on CNN to immediately combat the misinformation that was being reported relating to the destruction of nearby mobile home parks. This multi-year client benefited from having Bascom as part of their team through resulting legislative initiatives and real-time responses to uneducated criticism of an industry living in a hurricane and tornado-prone state.