Legislative Battles

Florida Businesses Unite: 2016 “Whiskey & Wheaties” Legislative Fight

In advance of the 2016 Legislative Session, Bascom Communications & Consulting, LLC (BCC) was hired to create and manage a coalition of Florida-based businesses to defeat an effort by out-of-state retailers who wanted to change long-standing, family-friendly regulations that prohibited the sale of liquor inside stores in the same area that groceries and other goods are sold.

Working with a host of small independent and established liquor store chains across the state and other coalition members, including ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and a Florida-based grocery store under the banner of Florida Businesses Unite, BCC teamed up with faith-based and law enforcement groups, working side by side with their independent effort, along with our concerted campaign effort, toward one common goal – to stand up for Florida businesses and fair market practices and oppose the movement led by out-of-state companies seeking to change an existing law that has been in place for the last 80 years just to better fit their business models.

During the session, Florida Businesses Unite engaged in an aggressive paid media and digital media campaign, as well as social media to get the message out. Florida Businesses Unite also engaged in earned media activities from Pensacola to South Florida with opinion editorials, letters to the editor, talk radio and extensive media bracketing with the Capitol Press Corps.

In the end, the message and execution of a campaign focusing on Florida-based businesses being able to maintain their family-friendly business model, all while battling back unnecessary changes pushed by an out-of-state corporation, Walmart, who only wanted to increase its sales – won the day.