Legislative Battles


Since 2006, Sarah Bascom and Kristen Bridges have served as communications consultants on the legislative leadership team for Dosal Tobacco Corporation (Dosal) located near Miami, Fla. Each year, the communications and lobbying team has been tasked with devising and executing a defensive strategy to fight an ever-increasing threat from Big Tobacco to single out this one company with a tax increase.

In 2009, the family-owned company found itself in the fiercest battle to date. With significant threat from opposition earned media, the communications team focused on strategic radio advertising, online video company biographies and targeted TV spots to deliver the message of tax fairness and economic equality. To offset the threat, the communications team also devised and executed a 200-person rally at The Capitol, within 24-hours time, resulting in an almost-immediate reverse stance from members of legislative leadership.

By the close of the 2009 Legislative Session, House and Senate leadership had both taken a position of support for the company, citing the activation and approach from the Dosal company and its employees.