Legislative Battles


Leading up to the start of the 2011 Legislative Session, the Bascom Communications & Consulting, LLC (BCC) team launched a positive education campaign on Dosal’s longstanding contributions to Florida’s economy. Through SaveDosal.com, legislators, decision makers and the public were able to learn about Dosal’s commitment to being part of Florida’s economic engine and their presence in the Florida job market.

The heart of the campaign was to expose how some out-of-state interests want to do away with Dosal and take Florida jobs out of state. Through an integrated new media campaign, Dosal successfully carried its promise to their employees that they would fight for their jobs and their families.

Expecting opposition push back, the BCC team also exposed the facts through a subsequent integrated new media campaign through BigTobaccoBigSmokescreen.com. The counter campaign ultimately exposed the smokescreen among legislators, decision makers and the public, and publicly positioned the issue as an industry food fight and a tax increase on one Florida business.

By the close of the 2011 Legislative Session, the Governor and House and Senate leadership had both taken a position against tax increases, and cited the purported “Dosal Fee” to be nothing more than a tax on a Florida-based company.