Legislative Battles

Delta Air Lines: Bringing the Jet Fuel Tax in for a Landing (2016)

The Jet Fuel Tax Proposal, a proposal to eliminate an unfair tax refund policy to ensure parity among Florida’s airline carriers by instituting a fair tax rate for all jet fuel carriers who utilize Florida’s aviation infrastructure, was brought in for a landing during the 2016 Legislative Session with Bascom Communications & Consulting, LLC (BCC) assisting in the effort on behalf of Delta Air Lines.

By implementing and utilizing a strategic communications plan that was nimble enough to adjust to changing legislative conditions, BCC was successful in positioning the Jet Fuel Tax Proposal as a needed measure to stop government from picking winners and losers in the marketplace through an unequal tax policy.

BCC assisted the government relations team in framing the message and ensuring it was flexible enough to change but still be successful, as the legislation was brokered through the process, in order to get it to the finish line. In addition, BCC monitored for media coverage, inserting the positive message about the Jet Fuel Tax Proposal and combatting any misinformation. BCC also created educational collateral materials to assist the government relations team in articulating the positive effect that eliminating an outdated tax exemption would have on the industry as a whole.

In the end, the Jet Fuel Tax Proposal was included in the tax package, House Bill 7099, which was passed by the Florida Senate and House of Representatives and was signed into law by Governor Rick Scott. With this proposal being brought in for a successful landing, the result is a level playing field that eliminates a decades old exemption that picked winners and losers from Tallahassee.