Our client-centered approach allows us to stand out in the crowd and deliver winning results for our clients.  We’ve worked inside the halls of government, we’ve sat inside the war rooms of campaigns, and have advised some of Florida’s most influential leaders, CEOs and Fortune 500 executives.  We know that being a good strategist is more than just following a boilerplate checklist of standard PR deliverables – we devise individual public affairs plans based on each client’s goals and circumstances and then put our battle-tested expertise to work.

Bascom Communications & Consulting, LLC offers a myriad of services from strategic communications consulting to copywriting, message testing to message development, collateral design to web design and maintenance, media management and outreach, social media development, paid media production and placement, and crisis communications.


  • Media Training
  • Message Development
  • Social Media
  • Website Design & Development
  • Collateral Design & Development
  • Media Outreach & Management
  • Political Communications/Candidate Campaigns
  • Ballot Initiatives
  • Crisis Management
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Coalition Management
  • Speech Writing
  • Image Enhancement & Branding