Crisis Management

At Bascom Communications & Consulting, LLC, we do not subscribe to the textbook definition and checklist of PR, we create individualized plans from the beginning that take into account internal and external factors, impact on key decision makers and all lines of business, as well as the overall external reputation and dialogue on our clients.

This same battle-tested methodology and planning goes into the deployment and execution of our crisis communications services when helping our clients overcome a crisis. In instances of a crisis, we create individual plans for our clients, detailing the who, what, when and where of effective crisis planning and leading the execution of that plan when the need arises.

Whether it be pre-crisis planning or post-crisis management and deployment, our team has extensive experience in crisis communications that allows us to be prepared and activate at a moment’s notice. Before, during and after a crisis, we remain focused on orchestrating the vital communication that must take place and assist our clients with messaging, media protocol, impacted decision maker notification, and media management and interfacing.

Because crises are often sensitive client matter, we do not showcase our crisis communications case studies that our team has executed on our website. However, we invite you to preview our crisis communications planning toolkit that we utilize for our teaching sessions. We encourage you take a look at our checklist and see if you are as prepared as you should be in the event a crisis emerges.